KRAMER - FC-24ETH : 4–Port Serial Control Gateway

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The FC−24ETH is an Ethernet control gateway, capable of plug and play deployment over a customer Ethernet LAN for remote control of customer controlled devices via bidirectional RS−232 or RS−485 serial control connections. Multiple control clients can be IP−connected to the FC−24ETH control gateway for concurrent control of two RS−232 or RS−485 controllable devices, such as AV scalers, video displays, and audio amplifiers.

  • 1 RS–485 or RS–232 Selectable Bidirectional Control Port — Controls a device via bidirectional serial control protocols.
  • 3 RS–232 Bidirectional Control Ports — Control devices via bidirectional RS–232 serial control protocols.
  • 1 Ethernet Control Port — Remote protocol–based control port.
  • Built–in Web Pages — Remote browser–based control and support.
  • Simultaneous IP Control Communication — With up to 40 IP control clients.
  • Mini USB Port — For firmware upgrades and local technical services.
  • Easy Installation — Plug & play IP auto–setup deployment for simple and cost–reducing installation.

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