ONELAN CMS - Virtual Appliance Publish up to 25 players


ONELAN CMS Virtual Appliance is a sophisticated planning, design, distribution and management appliance for multichannel digital signage networks. CMS-VM-25 allows publishing for up to 50 ONELAN NTB players. Runs on VMWARE or HyperV. 

Get started on the 25 endpoint CMS and get started with this mature Digital Signage CMS.

You can upgrade as your environment grows and only pay the difference as you get more endpoints. Easy upgrade path to CMS 50, 100, 250, 500 +


With an SoC licence (extra cost) you can add in your favourite or existing compatible media player. Onelan will work with *BrightSign (series 3 and above), *Samsung Tizen and *LG Web OS.

*Please check with us, to ensure your media player is compatible.

Web User Interface

  • Multilingual (14 languages)
  • Content design and approval workflow
  • Simple to use for non-technical end users
  • Powerful features for expert users
  • Unlimited users (5 concurrent)
  • User rights management

Key Features

  • Flexible content design
  • Scalable content distribution
  • Secure and enterprise ready
  • Linux-based network appliance
  • Inbuilt firewall
  • LDAP Support

Compatible Media Players:

Software: ONELAN

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