Signagelive Digital Signage Software License - 3 Year

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Remotely manage supported devices through the Signagelive cloud software. A user-friendly, intuitive and reliable platform that supports single devices through to networks of 10,000's of devices. Signagelive licensing works on a per player or screen (connected device) basis. You will need to purchase a Signagelive license for each player you wish to connect and manage from Signagelive.

  • 1 x 3 year Signagelive License. Sold Individually.
  • Includes unlimited storage on Signagelive Cloud, unlimited users on your network, unlimited online support and ongoing software updates.
  • All Signspace account members who purchase Signagelive will receive a 45-minute remote training session at no additional charge.

Compatible Media Players:

Media Player: Brightsign System on Chip

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