ONELAN CMS - Physical Appliance Publish up to 250 players


ONELAN CMS Physical Appliance is a sophisticated planning, design, distribution and management appliance for enterprise multichannel signage networks. CMS-PA-250 allows publishing for up to 250 ONELAN NTB players.

Web User Interface

  • Multilingual (14 languages) Š
  • Content design workflow Š
  • Easy for non-technical users ŠŠ
  • Powerful features for experts ŠŠ
  • Unlimited users (5 concurrent)

Key Features

  • Flexible content design Š
  • Scalable content distribution Š
  • Secure and enterprise ready
  • Role based permissions
  • Automated back up
  • Audit trail of content changes Š
  • Linux-based network appliance Š
  • Inbuilt firewall

Compatible Media Players:

Software: ONELAN

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