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Limited components, unlimited possibilities
Vogel’s Professional offers a complete range of universal ceiling, wall and floor solutions for small to extra large displays.

The modularity of Connect-it is unique. With only a few standard components you can create solutions for almost every situation. From basic, single display solutions to more complex, multiple display solutions such as back-to-back, side-by-side, and even floor to ceiling. The Connect-it Series has been extended with a complete range of trolleys and floor stands. With Connect-it you can create your own custom installation without any concessions.

Universal modular display interface for all ceiling and floor solutions
The modular display interface consists of two separate components: an interface bar and a set of two interface display strips. The interface bar is for the horizontal display fitment and the interface display strips are for the vertical fitment. This creates the perfect fitment for any display.

Key features

  • Flexible modular system
  • Multiple display mounting with standard components
  • Modular display interface for a perfect fit
  • CIS® easy accessible and large cable management
  • Limited components, unlimited possibilities

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