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The Benefits Of Digital Signage Displays

The Benefits Of Digital Signage Displays

14 Jul 2023 by Admin

A critical component of effective marketing is to invest your advertising budget in activities and campaigns that customers (and potential customers) will actually notice. If you are planning your marketing strategy, consider the many digital signage benefits your business can take advantage of.

During the past decade, digital signage has been used in more industries for advertising and communication, including healthcare and hospitals (read about the benefits of digital signage in hospitals. From increasing profits to increasing customer engagement., digital signage has a wide range of benefits to offer. 

Improved customer experience

Digital signage displays can enhance the overall customer experience by providing relevant information, wayfinding directions, and promotional offers. For example, multi-screen video walls or any digital screen can also reduce perceived wait time by entertaining customers with engaging content while they wait in queues or lobbies. In restaurants and cafes, digital menu boards allow customers to make purchasing decisions while waiting in line. 

Enhanced communication

Digital signage enables businesses to deliver targeted messages and information to specific audiences in real-time (read our case study for Jetts Fitness). It allows for instant updates, ensuring that the displayed content is always current and relevant. Businesses can then tailor their communication strategies and engage viewers in a more personalised manner. The dynamic nature of digital signage displays, incorporating video content, animations, and real-time updates, captures attention and enhances message retention. 

Increased revenue 

Well-designed advertising heavily influences the customer's purchasing decision. Digital signage can help this process by creating an immersive in-store experience. By quickly adapting and deploying engaging content, it can create opportunities to cross-sell, up-sell and increase impulse-buy opportunities. 

Brands that use digital signage have reported an increase in revenue by up to 30%. Some digital signage can aid in tracking these results by gathering data analytics on customers’ spending patterns, sales performance and market trends through their content management software. 


Digital signage software allows easy content management and customisation. Using the day-parting feature, content can be scheduled and rotated based on the time of day, day of the week, or specific events. This flexibility enables businesses to tailor their messages to different target audiences and optimise their communication strategies.

Digital signage can also be programmed to display real-time information such as news, weather updates, social media feeds, and live event updates. This ability to provide up-to-the-minute information keeps viewers informed and engaged.

Increased foot traffic 

Attention-grabbing window displays can attract more customers to retail stores or any business than traditional signs. Digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays, increasing opportunities to promote products to customers and increase sales. 

Digital signage can also increase the recall rate by 83% – significantly higher than other traditional advertising media. This makes it an effective means of communicating with existing and new customers about any upcoming events, promotions, specific products and services.

Encourages engagement 

Digital signage displays not only inform and communicate with customers but also allows for digital connectivity. Incorporating your business' YouTube channel or social media content can increase brand awareness and create a community of loyal customers, allowing them to interact with your brand online.

Through interactive screens and freestanding kiosks, customers are free to help themselves without waiting for a staff member to help them, leading to less perceived wait times and more sales. Digital signage displays can also entertain customers and urge them to spend more time in-store, boosting impulse purchase sales. 


While digital signage may require a hefty initial investment upfront, it will likely help your business save money in the long term. Once set up, our experienced digital signage staff will guide you through how your content can be updated instantly, saving your business money by cutting down on printing, shipping and installation costs associated with updating static ads on traditional signage. Multiple content can also be displayed at once, reducing the need for more printing than traditional signage. 

Easily update content 

Whether you have one digital signage display or a network of digital signage, making content updates is much easier with digital signage through its content management software. Using digital signage software with scheduling capabilities, content updates can be scheduled at specified times and dates or published instantly. 

If you are running a restaurant or cafe, for example, price changes and menu updates can easily be reflected on your digital menu board with just a few clicks. Or if you own a clothing boutique, easily update customers on your end-of-season sales or other promotions. 


Digital signage can be easily scaled and expanded across multiple locations. Centralised content management systems allow for seamless control and distribution of content to various displays, making it suitable for large-scale deployments such as franchises or any business with plans for future expansion.

Read about the software we use for our Digital Displays.


By switching to digital signage, you are eliminating the need for printed marketing materials and reducing paper waste. Digital signage contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the consumption of resources and lowering carbon emissions associated with traditional printing and distribution processes.

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